Canopy at Amstel - Brown Property Group

Brown Property Group has the honour of developing the former Amstel Golf Course into an exciting new, high quality residential community.

Canopy at Amstel enjoys a spectacular landscape setting and presents a rare opportunity to create a residential environment that offers a truly superior lifestyle experience unlike anything else on offer in the City of Casey.

Thoughtful design celebrates the established canopy trees and gentle slopes of the land, respectfully integrating existing trees into the streetscape and public realm.

True to its meaning, Canopy represents the uppermost branches of the trees in a forest, forming a continuous layer of foliage.

Surrounded by the comfort of natural elements, residents are free to enjoy all that life offers at Canopy when they have confidence in the warmth and security of the community they live in.

With limited opportunities remaining – don’t miss this incredible opportunity to join the growing Canopy community

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