Brown Property Group: 60 years in the making - Brown Property Group

A history of delivery.

The Brown Property Group story starts from humble beginnings in the middle of last century, as Colin Brown (father of our Director Fraser) embarked on the business’s first steps into the property industry.

Starting with the establishment of a moving and plant hire service, Brown Property Group soon expanded to include civil construction and then its first land development at Ivanhoe in 1956. The business soon established a reputation for service commitment.

The present day Brown Property Group controls all aspects of property development in-house via discipline experts in each field; from acquisition, development and project management, sales, marketing and conveyancing to delivery by its own civil construction team, BPG Civil. Bringing together a team of specialists, with extensive delivery experience and a diverse knowledge base is our competitive edge as we succeed in Victoria’s ever-changing housing market.

The impetus of Fraser Brown is to create great outcomes, a legacy that we are proud to stand by – Purpose. This freedom to create and innovate gives our team the scope to go one step further in design and execution – Vision. Our years of expertise on the ground and with a highly committed Civil team guided by a clear Vision and Purpose, we stand by our reputation in Delivery for our customers and business partners.

The current portfolio successfully showcases the specialist services of land and community development, civil construction, medium density living and commercial projects.

For Brown Property Group, residential development is about building strong communities, with a focus around providing amenity, connectivity and livability for residents. Creating a connection to nature, community and recreation establishes an environment that provides an opportunity for residents to live a healthy and fulfilling lifestyle. Tree-lined streets, parks and wetlands, woven together with cycling and pedestrian paths, are key features of each Brown Property Group community, linking residents to local amenity and creating a sense of place.

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